The Los Angeles Rams have already sold 70,000 season tickets

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Since the day it was announced that the Rams were moving to Los Angeles, the biggest question surrounding the team was a simple one: Would anyone in LA care? After all, the LA area already has two professional baseball, basketball and hockey teams, not to mention UCLA and USC, so the question of whether LA really needed the NFL seemed valid.

Whether LA "needs" a team is a question for another day, but on Wednesday we got the answer to whether it "wants" one. The answer is a resounding "yes" as the LA Times reported that the team has already sold out it's full allotment of 70,000 season tickets.

Yes, you read that correctly: 70,000. Here are more details from the LA Times:

After getting approval from the NFL to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles, the club spent two weeks collecting $100 deposits from people interested in buying season tickets for 2016. Each deposit holder was permitted to buy as many as eight season tickets.

Those deposit holders were contacted in waves on a first-come, first-served basis, and roughly 24,000 of them bought the entire allotment of 70,000 tickets. By the time the franchise got through the first six hours of deposits, the season tickets were gone.


Clearly, this a major step in the right direction for the Rams, and an incredible sign for the overall health of the organization, especially when you consider that the team won't even move into its brand-new Inglewood Stadium until the 2019 season.

Not surprisingly, folks within the Rams organization seem to be very happy with the progress as well.

"To sell out of season tickets in the first six hours upon our return to Los Angeles is both humbling and a reminder of how excited Angelinos are about the return of the Rams and the NFL," Kevin Demoff, Rams chief operating officer, said in an email to The Times. "As both Los Angeles' first pro sports team and its newest sports team, the bond between this team and the community is evident and strengthening each day."

What will be interesting to see, are the overall effects of this news going forward.

One, it will be curious to see if the Rams can keep the excitement of the NFL going, even if they have a down year this season. It's one thing to sell 70,000 season tickets when the team is brand new to the city. It will be another if they go say, 7-9 (like they did last year) and can maintain those numbers.

What will be equally interesting to see is if those high season ticket totals entice either the Chargers or Raiders to try and make the move to the LA market as well.