The Ghost Robert Guerrero Says He is Ready to ‘Humble’ Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Despite being known for annihilating his opponents in the ring, current welterweight champion Robert Guerrero is surprisingly mild mannered.

As the anticipation for the fight of his career builds, Guerrero is staying calm while in the eye of a media storm.

While promoting his May 4th bout against the ever eccentric Floyd Mayweather Jr., the Ghost boxer spoke with Fox News Latino about being a role model in the Latino community. Guerrero and Mayweather, the son of the boxing legend by the same name, will go head to head in Vegas for the welterweight title matchup.

"God has put me in this position to humble Floyd Mayweather,” Guerrero  said.

Born in a small town in California, boxing was always an integral part of Guerrero’s upbringing. As a Mexican, he said, boxing was “part of our heritage.”

“Growing up watching great Mexican fighters inspired me to work hard.”

Now, the 29-year-old said he is just trying “to be the best I can.”

“Whether you are Latino or African American, I try to inspire everybody that views me.”

Guerrero’s ascent into the boxing elite has had nothing to do with luck, he said.

Thanks to intense workouts, Guerrero has jumped two weight classes. And, as he himself points out, only two other boxers – “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Roberto Durant – have ever done so.

When his upcoming WBC title bout is mentioned, Guerrero perks up knowing full well it will be a defining moment for his career

When asked what words he has for his fellow champ Mayweather, Guerrero answers with a smile: “Be ready…I’m coming”