A disturbing video has emerged showing a high school hockey player using his stick as a weapon to repeatedly strike a defenseless opponent laying on the ice -- a brutal attack one league official called "the worst thing that I've seen on video."

The footage was shot this past weekend during a game between two teams in the AT&T Metroplex High School Hockey League, which is sponsored by the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

The clip shows two players tumbling to the ice before one gets up, lifts his stick over his head and strikes the back of the other. Three referees and linesmen then race over to restrain the player, who has been suspended indefinitely from USA Hockey activities following the incident.

Reggie Hall, the president of the Texas Amateur Hockey Association, which sanctions the league, told WFAA his group is “disturbed by the actions seen on the video.” Hall said the violent acts are “not part of our game and have no place in our sport.”

The attacker will have a hearing in January during which a committee will decide to extend the suspension or reinstate the player, Hall added.

TAHA Vice President Lucas Reid told WFAA the attack was one of "the worst thing that I’ve seen on video.”

The player who was struck in the incident is said to be doing OK, according to his coach. Neither player was identified.