A 1949 MVP plaque owned by Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams has sold for nearly $300,000 at the first major auction of his sports, military and personal memorabilia.

Nearly 800 items sold Saturday at the auction at Fenway Park. Among them was a baseball that Babe Ruth signed for Williams, which sold for $195,500. Hunt Auctions Inc. says that sale set a record for a baseball signed by Ruth that wasn't used in a game.

Williams' 1957 Babe Ruth Sultan of Swat Award for outstanding batting achievement sold for $230,000. An 8-year-old Texas boy and his parents were the winning bidders on Williams' 1957 Silver Bat award, which sold for nearly $200,000.

The auction coincided with the 10th anniversary of Williams' death at 83 and Fenway Park's 100th anniversary.