Study shows top jobs in NCAA's top division remain mostly white, male

A new study of Football Bowl Subdivision schools and conferences shows top leadership positions at those places remain overwhelmingly white and male.

The report released Wednesday by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport shows small increases in the percentage of gender and racial minorities that serve as athletic directors, presidents and faculty athletic representatives. But none show more than a 2 percentage point gain.

Whites held 336 (88 percent) of the 381 campus leadership positions. White men held 93 (74 percent) of the 126 president positions. Only two females and 13 non-white males serve as presidents in FBS.

Among athletic directors, white men hold 97 (77.6 percent) of 125 jobs. Twenty-one were non-white males, with no female African-American, Asian, Latina or Native American athletic directors at FBS schools.