Following a back-and-forth slugfest over three rounds, former hockey enforcer Steve Bosse got a unanimous decision win over Sean O'Connell in a bout that will likely earn both men a bonus at the end of the night.

On paper, Bosse versus O'Connell seemed like a surefire first-round knockout, with both men possessing dynamite in their hands, and it looked like that's how the fight would end following one huge early exchange.

O'Connell went after Bosse as soon as the fight started and clipped the Canadian with a hard punch that sent him reeling.

As his opponent moved backwards, O'Connell unleashed a series of three left hands in a row with the final shot sending Bosse to the canvas with a massive thud.

O'Connell followed up with a series of shots, but somehow Bosse survived to get back to his feet and the round continued.

From there, Bosse and O'Connell engaged in a striking war that threw technique out the window: Both men essentially bit down on their mouth pieces and they just started blasting away.

Bosse returned the favor from the first round with a knockdown of his own in the second, but despite his eyes being glassed over, O'Connell still found a way to hang on until the horn sounded.

The final five minutes was more of the same, with both fighters standing in front of each other as Bosse and O'Connell treated each other like punching bags until the fight was over.

In the end, Bosse got the nod by unanimous decision as the Canadian crowd erupted in applause to celebrate his victory. As disappointed as O'Connell was to go home with a loss on his record, there's little doubt that he'll leave empty handed once the show is over.