Sterling K. Brown of 'This is Us' welcomes Super Bowl unity

“This is Us" star Sterling K. Brown is welcoming the chance to put aside politics and come together for the Super Bowl.

"Whether you're red or blue, everybody shows up to watch the Super Bowl," Brown told The Associated Press on Saturday. "For three and-a-half or four hours, just enjoy the game."

Brown grew up a fan of the St. Louis Rams, and before that the Cardinals. He recalls the Kurt Warner-led Rams and "the greatest show on turf."

"The only thing that stopped (the St. Louis Rams) from winning two Super Bowls was New England," Brown said. The actor was referring to the Patriots victory over the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, when New England won 20-17.

"That being said, that was the beginning of (the Bill) Belichick empire. I'm all too happy to see that team defeated," Brown said, adding, "I'm rooting for the Falcons."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.