Those rumors that seem to pop up from time to time about the Steinbrenner family selling the Yankees? Forget about them.

Even before longtime owner George Steinbrenner's death in 2010, there had been speculation that his children would cash out of the majors' most valuable franchise. But George's daughter, Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, told the New York Post that isn't the case at all.

"We're all in," Swindal said. "I hope we own the team for eternity. You never know what life will bring, but we're in it for the long haul."

Swindal is one of three general partners with the franchise, along with Hank Steinbrenner and Jessica Steinbrenner. Hal Steinbrenner serves as the managing general partner. And according to Swindal, there already are succession plans in place for the next generation of Steinbrenners.

"My son is working in baseball ops, so we're already involved with the next generation," Swindal said of Steve Swindal Jr., coordinator of baseball operations. "Initially, we were trying to figure out how we were all going to handle things and when my father got sick, all four of us [siblings] went to work. Hal has been a leader and he's been great."

So, if you've got $3 billion or $4 billion burning a hole in your pocket, you'll have to look elsewhere for a place to spend it.