Steelers players have no idea who Jimmy Garoppolo is

Other than Tom Brady, no quarterback has gotten more attention over the past few days than Jimmy Garoppolo. Both New England Patriots quarterbacks have heard their names talked about everywhere they look, but apparently Garoppolo's name hasn't made its way to Pittsburgh just yet.

When asked about the quarterback who the Steelers will (most likely) be facing in Week 1, several players didn't know who he was.

"I'm not really familiar with Jimmy Garoppolo," Steelers rookie Bud Dupree said when asked about the quarterback, according to Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Starkey helped the rookie out by explaining that he's the Patriots' backup quarterback, and the guy he'll be trying to sack in Week 1.

"Oh, OK, the quarterback," Dupree said. "So we just have to prepare for a different kind of person and watch the little bit of film we do have on him."

Dupree wasn't the only Steelers player unfamiliar with the Eastern Illinois product. Jarvis Jones apparently had no idea what Starkey was talking about when asked about Garoppolo.

They're both relatively young pass rushers, but still. I'd at least assume they've heard the name, given all the talk surrounding him and Deflategate recently. They'll get to know him over the coming weeks as they prep for the season opener on Sept. 10.

(h/t Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)