They are separated by two letters in the alphabet, but the proximity between G and J is causing a lot of problems for a Baltimore sportscaster who shares an eerily similar name to Jerry Sandusky.

"Gerry with a G" Sandusky, the radio play-by-play man of the Baltimore Ravens, has come under attack on Twitter from ill-informed social media hounds who have confused him with the now infamous child molester.

The off-target bombardment was stepped up in the days following a jury's decision to convict the former Penn State assistant football coach on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse.

"You got what you deserved you RAPIST PEICE OF SH*T the world can feel safe again," one person posted.

"What the hell, how are you tweeting from prison, pervert? Our system is flawed badly," read another post from a tweeter calling him or herself "The Grammar Police."

Gerry Sandusky, meanwhile, has handled the thrashing with grace, responding to his misguided detractors with polite reminders that he is not at all related to the former Nittany Lions' defensive coordinator.

"You may not wish a destiny in hell for me, if you noticed I'm Gerry, not Jerry. No relation. Hell seems a little extreme for me," the sportscaster wrote in response to one tweeter's wish that he "rot in hell, creep!"

He also directed several people to examine his Twitter bio, which reads, "I am Gerry with a G. Baltimore sportscaster. No relation to the former Penn State coach."

"I feel like a Geico commercial. In the time it takes you to send me a hate tweet, you could read my bio and see that I'm not related," he wrote Thursday.