Speculation rampant on where LeBron will play next season

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - While LeBron James contemplates where he will play next season, speculation is rampant on the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers' two-time league MVP.

"LeBron James with Orlando Magic!"

"LeBron James staying? Chances are slim to none"

James will become a free agent this summer after seven seasons with Cleveland and that, along with the failure of the Cavaliers to make the Eastern Conference finals after posting the league's best regular-season record, have Internet chat rooms, newspaper columnists and TV commentators buzzing.

"Within a week or 10 days we will have most of our information and our decision-making done," Gilbert told a news conference. "Head coaching will be one of the things we'll evaluate."

Brown has one year remaining on his current contract. He has a 272-138 regular season record in five years at Cleveland with a 42-29 playoff mark.

Gilbert said the franchise would do everything possible to keep James.

"Of course, we fully believe that .... this is the best franchise for him to play at," Gilbert said.

James will be free to play for any team that can sign him after his Cleveland contract expires this summer. He can either return to the Cavaliers or go elsewhere.

Speculation has centered on the New York Knicks, the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat as the most likely candidates.

James has made it clear the chances of winning a championship ring will be a factor in his decision.

"This is all about winning for me," James said Thursday after the Celtics ended the Cavaliers' season in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

"I think the Cavs are committed to that," James said. "But at the same time, I'll give myself options at this point."

(Writing by Gene Cherry in Raleigh; Editing by Steve Ginsburg)