Each time British skier Chemmy Alcott passes through a metal detector, she sets it off.

Before security can even react, though, she pulls out her cellphone and flashes a picture of an X-ray showing her surgically repaired right leg. Alcott has a 15-inch (38-centimeter) metal nail holding the bones together inside the leg after breaking it in August during preseason training. The pin runs from the knee on down toward the ankle.

By now, Alcott is used to the quizzical looks from security officials when she passes through metal detectors. That's why she always has the X-ray photo on the ready.

"I really should have a letter (from a doctor)," Alcott said, laughing. "The scars are kind of obvious, too. There are a lot of scars."

— By Pat Graham — Twitter: http://twitter.com/Pgraham34


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