Winston Watts is the talker among the Jamaican bobsled two-man team, rarely missing an opportunity to engage someone in conversation or answer a question from the media.

Watts is so loquacious, in fact, that his teammate, Marvin Dixon, often has trouble getting a word in edge-wise. Here are three questions with Watts' quiet sidekick.

AP: What have you thought of Sochi so far?

DIXON: "Sochi's been a nice city. I like the view. People are nice. Food is OK. Ladies are great. I'm just going to continue enjoying my days until I go home."

AP: So you don't mind the food?

DIXON: "I'm not complaining. I'm not sick. The food is great. Not (as good) as our food, but it's OK, you know what I mean?"

AP: The Jamaicans finished 29th in the two-man bobsled in Sochi. What do they have to do to be more competitive?

DIXON: Our focus right now is to get guys who can drive. They are the key. We just have to create good drivers and get some new guys in the program and build from there."

— By Jon Krawczynski — http://twitter.com/APKrawczynski


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