Soccer game in Brazil ends with referee pulling out a gun, fed up with unruly players

Soccer, such a passionate sport, brings out the best and worst of people — but a Brazilian ref may have crossed the line.

During a lower-league match in Brazil over the weekend, ref Gabriel Murta was furious after getting some rough treatment from one of the teams. His reaction, though, was a new one: He pulled a gun.

According to Mirror U.K., Murta reached the end of his rope after one of the managers invaded the pitch demanding a red card and then being kicked and slapped by players from Amantes de la Bola (which literally translates to “Lovers of the Ball”). They were playing amateur side Minais Gerais in Brumadinho, near Belo Horizonte.

Murta, a police officer by day, reacted by racing to the changing rooms and returning with a gun.

A spectator caught the entire incident on camera, which shows a linesman restraining Murta as he held the gun on the field.

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The player thought to have assaulted Murta is seen running off the pitch after seeing the official storming toward him with the gun. A goalie is then seen trying to persuade the ref to go back to the dressing room and leave the gun.

Guiliano Bozzano, head of the referees’ association in Brazil, said that Murta felt threatened and grabbed the gun to defend himself.

Murta is set to undergo a psychological evaluation and could face suspension or a permanent ban, the Mirror reported.

Bozzano said he would be speaking to the ref and, depending on the outcome of the conversation and the examination, a decision will be made.

“What’s happened is obviously not a common occurrence and I don’t want to rush into anything,” he added. "At the moment it happened he opted for getting his gun because in his view it was a question of controlling a situation."

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