OTTAWA -- Sidney Crosby has been on fire in this series.

Entering Game 6, he has 14 points -- 5 goals and 9 assists -- in Pittsburgh's first five games. Point No. 14 came well after Game 5, when Crosby was credited with the secondary assist after video review confirmed that Bill Guerin, its original holder, did not touch the puck on the goal by Kris Letang that cut Ottawa's lead to 2-1 in what would become a 4-3 loss for Pittsburgh in triple OT.

The 14 points by Crosby is a new personal best for one playoff series, surpassing the 13 points he put up in last year's second-round series against Washington. In fact, the Penguins' team record is now within reach. Mario Lemieux holds that mark with 17 points in a 1992 series against the Capitals. That series went seven games, but Lemieux only played in six of them.

Sidney Crosby

Center - PIT

GOALS: 5 | ASST: 9 | PTS: 14

SOG: 21 | +/-: 9

Saturday morning, Sidney Crosby talked about the scoring chance that gave him point No. 14, as well as how this series has developed and what the loss in Game 5 means.

Q: What happened on that goal where you got the assist instead of Billy?

Crosby: When I saw the play originally, I thought he had kind of hit it. But, I don't think he did. You'd have to ask him, but I don't think he did.

Q: Having been through two long playoff runs and overcoming so much adversity, does that change the mental outlook of this team after a loss like in Game 5?

Crosby: I don't know. I think you always draw on past experiences, but I think you learn as a team going forward. Past things help you for sure, but this group, as a whole, is going through this as a first time together, so we want to make sure we respond the right way.

Q: From your point of view, what was the difference in the previous game?

Crosby: They played well. If you look at the game, they had a better first and we played better in the second and third and overtime was 50-50. The fact is in the period we didn't play so well, we gave up two goals and that was probably the difference when you look at it. We don't feel like we played a terrible game, but we could have started a lot better. Like I said, in overtime it was 50-50 and anything could happen then. We weren't disappointed with the game, but we think there are some areas we can get better in for sure.

Q: Dan Bylsma is going for 5-0 in series wins. Has he changed? He was a very young NHL coach then. Has he changed how he has done things?

Crosby: I think he is the same coach we all met whenever it was last year -- February or March. Everything is pretty regular.

Q: Any theory on why the road team has been so good in this series?

Crosby: No idea. You don't usually see that. I think when you go on the road, you simplify things. For both teams, that's kind of worked for them in every situation so far. We want that to continue.

Q: You guys must feel good playing here. You have won the last four playoff games you have played in Ottawa.

Crosby: I don't think we think about that at this point. I think on the road, you have to have a certain sense of confidence in your game and what you are going to expect. We have a good idea of that and that is the most important thing. You can have all that stuff and all the experience, but you still have to go out there and do the job. It still doesn't change what we have to do.