There are many cases that have been made for MVP of the 2016-17 NBA season up to this point.

None of them have included SisQ, though.

Until now.

Before you rush to a conclusion, consider the case laid out in the "LeBron Song."

Harden could be MVP
But he coughs up the ball
And he don't play D

SisQ opens by making a very valid point. Also, this sounds very familiar, but let's continue on.

Westbrook has been really hot
Then again
He missed a million shots

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A million seems like a mild overestimation but the man is spitting fire at this point, who is going to correct him?

Now let's go to the East
Isaiah need to up his game
Same as Giannis
But I can't pronounce his name

Oh man. No one really thought Isaiah Thomas or Giannis Antetokounmpo had a shot. That won't spare them the MVP wrath of SisQ, though.

So why is LeBron deserving? Honestly, at this point does it even matter? Sisqo just laid waste to every other NBA star in under a minute to the tune of the "Thong Song." LeBron didn't even need to play a game this year and he still should win after that performance.