Shaq catches guy booting his truck

When a 324-pound giant is staring at you booting his truck, do you A) continue to do your job like a pro, or B) take it off before he chokes your butt?

Well just ask the guy who Shaq caught. It looked like the guy was a lil and intimidated ... with Shaq's hand around his throat. Warning : Strong language!

Shaq apparently failed to feed the meter outside an Atlanta restaurant and called the guy, saying "I'm a U.S. Marshal, I need you to remove this boot," TMZ reported. Shaq actually was deputized in 2005.

The boot man removed the boot and even waived the $75 fee -- in exchange for a starring role in Shaq's Instagram vid. Nice guy.

He's lucky Shaq also is a nice guy and it wasn't Lamar Odom's car. Odom hasn't been too friendly lately .

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