Seahawks writer clarifies Percy Harvin 'First Take' comments

On Wednesday, Percy Harvin appeared on ESPN's First Take and discussed his short tenure in Seattle - among other things - and claimed he wasn't accepted as a teammate.

There were reports of tension in the locker room and Harvin tried to downplay the issue saying he was accustomed to handling issues "man to man." More specifically, he was referencing an altercation with Doug Baldwin, and said it "backfired."

Now, longtime Seattle Seahawks beat writer, Danny O'Neil, has responded and explained the situation in greater detail.

1. First, you start shouting curse words while charging toward a teammate in the weight room to the point that your position coach is among those who act to restrain you, grabbing you and walking you out to the practice field.

2. Then, you wait several minutes, making yourself at least appear calm before re-entering the facility.

3. Once inside, you erupt again, lashing out before you're pushed back out to the practice field by a member of the coaching staff, this time with blood on your hands.

4. Finally, you get walked around to the players' parking lot and off the premises.

Harvin referenced media reports that were "untrue" and it "bothered him the truth wasn't said."

Regardless, it just didn't work out in Seattle, for whatever reason.

The Seahawks still managed to make another Super Bowl appearance without Harvin, and Harvin appears to be happy in Buffalo getting a fresh start under Rex Ryan.

(h/t SportingNews)