Who exactly is Chris Matthews?

The Seahawks are still trying to figure that out.

Is he the wide receiver who was a flash-in-the-pan during Super Bowl XLIX (four receptions, 109 yards, one touchdown) or is there something more to this 6-foot-5, 230-pound athlete?

One thing is for certain: The Seahawks want to see more consistency.

"I just want to see him show up every day, and that's what I've talk to him about every day," Bevell said. "We don't want to have a situation where we come out here and he has one good day and then he disappears for two or three and then, 'Oh, there he is again, he's out here.' We want to make him make himself be known, that we know he's out here every day and if for some reason he wasn't here, everyone would know that he's missing. That's what we're trying to get with him."

The Seahawks are as deep as ever at wide receiver, so where Matthews fits in remains to be seen.

The physical tools are certainly there, as was evidenced in the Super Bowl, but whether Matthews can put it all together and do it consistently is what both parties hope to see in 2015.

(h/t ESPN)