Schweinsteiger planning to take new teammates to Oktoberfest

German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is already plotting some mischief after signing for Manchester United this summer.

After spending 17 years at Bayern Munich, Schweini is yearning for his old home, so he's decided to try and take his teammates to Munich's Oktoberfest.

After making his debut against Tottenham, Schweinsteiger said:

"I spoke to Rooney and discussed the possibility of me inviting the team to Oktoberfest but I don't know how much time we'll have."

The festival runs from September 19 to October 4 – a time in which the Red Devils are set to take on Southampton, Sunderland and Arsenal – so we doubt Man U will be able to make it this year.

But if they were to replace manager Louis van Gaal with a German manager, say someone by the name of Jurgen Klopp, they might be able to make it next season.