Saints coaching staff set for huge meeting with focus on 2016 season

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The New Orleans Saints are now turning their attention towards the 2016 season. While the players will likely take some additional time off, for the coaches on the Saints staff, they'll enjoy a week away, and then it's back to a massive meeting that will focus on pretty much anything you could imagine.

When the whole Sean Payton drama was finally put to bed, the head coach spoke a bit about the gameplan moving forward this off-season.

Via Joel A. Erickson of The New Orleans Advocate:

"We'll meet collectively as a personnel department and coaching staff and go through each player on the roster," Payton said Wednesday. "Vision, grade, strengths, weaknesses (for each player) and after that meeting takes place, you transition into your scouting, the college draft, Senior Bowl and then any potential free agent we would want to coach or someone else could put their eyes on."

That's a whole lot to talk about in one meeting. Want to take a guess at how long that meeting probably takes?

Regardless, you can bet that New Orleans is ready to get past this previous season and instead focus on getting the right players on the roster who can help lead this team back into the postseason.

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