Ryan Newman talks nude beaches, underwear and honey potions

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Leave it to Ryan Newman to break down what's happening in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series as only he can.

Asked how he thought Jeff Gordon would fare if Gordon has to climb into the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet to sub for Dale Earnhardt Jr. one week from Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Newman told the media at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Friday that he believed Gordon would do just fine.

Only he used different words to express that thought.

"Just because you go to the nude beach for a couple of months doesn't mean you don't know how to put your underwear back on," said Newman, laughing.

Gordon, the four-time NASCAR Premier Series champion who retired from full-time driving after last season, did just recently spend some time in France. Maybe that had something to do with Newman's odd frame of reference.

Newman also said he was truly surprised by the revelation that Earnhardt would have to sit out this weekend because of concussion-related symptoms.

"I mean the news I think kind of came as a shock from my standpoint because it was after a weekend that he really only thought he had sinus troubles," Newman said. "In fact, I was actually texting him back about trying different kinds of honey because that is what my wife uses. It's kind of like, here I go talking to a guy about trying different honey and he is out of the race car the next week."