It's no secret that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and singer Ciara are in a relationship and love each other very much.

They tell the entire world about it on social media all the time and are very eloquent and articulate in their love notes.

So on Wednesday, it wasn't surprising at all that Wilson sent out this tweet on "Woman Crush Wednesday" and used such descriptive language like "honey sweet lips that were lilac soft."

But now we're forced to confront this serious reality: Russell Wilson plagiarized his sappy love note to Ciara.

Incredibly brilliant Tweeter Natalie Weiner decided to Google the words Wilson used in his tweet, and here's what she found.

Yes, it looks like Wilson Googled "describing a beautiful woman" to come up with the right words for Ciara.

Now, it's POSSIBLE Wilson is such a wordsmith that he came up with that tweet all on his own, but it would still be plagiarism as they're clearly not his original words.

One on hand, come on, bro. One the other, you gotta give Wilson credit for putting effort into this. It's still the thought that counts, right?