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I've called into a lot of coaches teleconferences over the years, and I'm never surprised when a pranker gets through. The call-in numbers are supposed to be disseminated only among the media -- but "the media" is an ambiguous term these days. If you really want in there, you can probably get in there.

I was having a difficult time understanding how Rush Limbaugh's radio show could have been patched so clearly into the Pac-12 coaches teleconference, as it was Tuesday, until I heard back from Dave Hirsch, vice president of communications for the Pac-12.

"Technical glitch on the line of the person asking the question," he said. "The caller (KBND Radio) asked Oregon State coach Mike Riley a question, and then fed his line into the station's audio equipment to record the response. Similar to hearing music when placed on hold, but in this situation, instead of music, the current programming for that radio station was inadvertently sent back through the same line. Just happened that the radio station was airing Rush Limbaugh at the same time as the Pac-12 Teleconference."

Well, that clears things up.