Rounding Third: As the A-Rod turns: Will it ever end?

Perhaps at some point we'll be able to focus on the pennant races in baseball, but Alex Rodriguez and his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal continues to dominate headlines.

And the stories seem to get crazier by the day.

The strangest of them yet hit the news wires early Friday morning when the CBS news magazine "60 Minutes," reported that people in A-Rod's inner circle leaked the names of Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli to Yahoo! Sports soon after the Biogenesis scandal first broke in January.

The Miami New Times, of course, had initially published documents obtained from Biogenesis of America, the now-defunct anti-aging clinic run by Anthony Bosch, revealing a host of athletes that were provided performance-enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez was among the names the newspaper published, while others were redacted.

"60 Minutes" said Friday it learned that Rodriguez's camp obtained the unredacted copies -- featuring the names of Braun and Cervelli -- and gave them to Yahoo! Sports.

So, if you believe the reports Rodriguez essentially said to himself, "look if I'm going down, I'm taking everyone with me." And by the way Rodriguez was obtaining those documents to try to keep them from MLB.

Now few will bat an eye that he implicated Braun. Other than Rodriguez, he was public enemy No. 1 for his shenanigans after his first failed test was overturned on the .

But, Cervelli? A teammate? It's almost too crazy to be true.

And of course, Camp Rodriguez came out swinging.

"The allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex -- this time by driving a wedge between Alex and other players in the game," said A-Rod lawyer David Cornwell. "While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continues."

While you'd probably like to believe that Rodriguez wouldn't stoop this low, at this point if someone said he was part of the Kennedy Assassination, I'd probably believe it.

Someone asked me the other day if MLB had all this evidence on Rodriguez why'd they try to make a deal? Well they just want him to go away. You think Bud Selig wants to read something PED-related in his newspaper everyday with regards to his sport?

Of course not, but that's what's going to happen up until this Rodriguez appeal is heard. And if you don't think the Rodriguez camp is going to leak info here and there to smear MLB along the way, think again.

It's almost as important to win in the court of public opinion than actually win the hearing. A-Rod looked bad early on, but you started to hear more support for him in recent days.

He's passed every test MLB has administered. Why are they singling him out? Where is all this evidence? It's a witch hunt.

While ever so slightly, the pendulum was definitely starting to swing back his way.

Now this comes out and Selig looks real good again. Messed up hair and all.

Buckle in. It's going to get ugly and this is just the start.

So in addition to A-Fraud and A-Roid, I guess we can call him A-Rat as well.

All I know is I am starting get A-nnoyed.