As Ronda Rousey prepares for Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Australia, she recently received some personal support from her fans in the form of customized hand wraps complete with messages from around the world.

Reebok sponsored a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #MoreThanTape, where fans could send Rousey messages that would then be printed on rolls of tape that she would use to wrap her hands during training sessions for the upcoming fight.

With over 3,000 messages received in just under 72 hours, Rousey was recently gifted the tape from Reebok while also thanking her fans for the personalized support during the training camp.

"My hand wraps mean so much more to me than most fighters out there. Each ball of tape I create after a training session equates to a day of hard work and another step toward achieving my goals as a fighter and human," Rousey said.

"To have the support of my fans printed onto something that means an incredible amount to me is really inspirational and I can't wait to receive the hand wraps during training camp,"

The tape gifted to Rousey will be used during her training camp to prepare for Holm, and Reebok is also running a giveaway in the lead up to UFC 193 for fans to receive a roll of the personalized hand wraps as well.

The contest on Reebok.com will give a roll of the tape along with an autographed photo of Rousey as she prepares for Holm on Nov. 14 in Australia.