NFL cheerleaders, the commissioner has your back.

During his state of the league news conference on Friday, Roger Goodell backed the cheerleaders, who have been at odds with clubs over how much -- how little, actually -- they are paid.

"The cheerleaders perform a very valuable function for us," Goodell said (via The Associated Press). "They are very active in the communities. ... They do a lot of charitable work, and they are passionate about our game. So, I think they should be properly compensated."

In 2014, the Raiders settled a suit with 90 members of their Raiderettes from 2010 to 2013 for $1.25 million. Last month, a New York court ruled that Bills cheerleaders could proceed with their class-action lawsuit over wages against the club covering members from 2008 on. The Bengals, Buccaneers and Jets also have been sued by their cheerleaders.

In general, the cheerleaders have said their compensation doesn't adequately cover all of the non-game-day activities they are required to perform.