Fired Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez has turned out to be a Michigan man after all, donating 12 bags of Wolverines apparel to a Detroit-area Salvation Army store aimed at helping people in need.

Maj. John Aren says Rodriguez gave 432 items to the store in Wayne, about 15 miles west-southwest of Detroit, less than one week after his ouster. Rodriguez is hardly the first area coach to lose his job, but Aren said a donation like this is unusual.

"This is absolutely a unique experience for me," Aren said. "This is the first I've ever seen of this."

Aren said the collection includes caps, shirts and jackets, along with some accessories like gloves and a hand towel. Sizes range from small to 2XL.

A Coach's Closet tent sale is planned for noon to 2 p.m. Saturday with prices starting at around $6, although Aren says most items may be auctioned to people who show up.

"We just got a call from a person in Tennessee who wanted to make an offer over the phone," Aren said. "We're not going to honor that."

Aren said he thanked Rodriguez on Tuesday at his home near Ann Arbor.

"They were very gracious," Aren said. "They had great spirits."