Robert Guerrero: Time To Take Cinco De Mayo Back From Floyd Mayweather Jr.

For professional boxer Robert Guerrero, it’s not even a question whether or not he can beat undefeated boxing phenomenon Floyd Mayweather Jr. Saturday.

“[It’s] not ‘can I beat?’ I’m going to beat,” Guerrero told Fox News Latino in an exclusive interview. “I can’t wait till Saturday night to show everybody.”

The 12-round fight for Mayweather's WBC Welterweight World Championship and the vacant Ring Magazine Welterweight World Championship will take place in Las Vegas' MGM Grand hotel and is Guerrero's first fight in a year.

The pride of Gilroy, Calif., like most Mayweather opponents Guerrero is an underdog going into the bout. But the recent revelation that Mayweather’s camp asked for a rematch clause tells Guerrero something else.

“That just tells me he knows I’m coming to fight,” Guerrero said. “He knows he has a good chance of losing.”

Guerrero also thinks Mayweather’s attempt to trash-talk, including the accusation that Guerrero is using his wife’s battle with leukemia to gain fans, is a desperate attempt to get inside his head.

“It’s pathetic… it just shows me where his head’s at,” said Guerrero. “I think he’s just grasping for straws now because he knows he can’t break me.”

Guerrero also sees significance in the fact that his big night is taking place right before the popular Mexican-theme celebration of Cinco De Mayo.

Guerrero, a 29-year-old Mexican-American, believes that now is the time for a Latino boxer to take center stage on what has become a significant boxing event during the Mexican holiday weekend.

“That’s part of my heritage… to come out and take the day back, Floyd Mayweather fights on that day every year,” said Guerrero. “It’s time for a Latino, a Mexican fighter, to take it back and use it the way it’s supposed to be used.”

Please note: In the video interview above, Robert Guerrero also talks about Cain Velasquez and his respect for MMA fighters in California.

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