Rob Gronkowski says Earl Thomas got the best of him, showed fans a 'real football hit'

Rob Gronkowski is one of the NFL's biggest and most physically imposing players, standing at 6-foot-6, 265 pounds. It typically takes two or three tacklers to bring him down in the open field, unless you're Earl Thomas.

During Sunday's game, Thomas delivered a huge blow to Gronk, which the big tight end called one of the hardest he's ever taken. The hit forced Gronkowski to miss a couple of plays, and he apparently suffered a chest injury which reports called a possible punctured lung.

Thomas sent out a heartfelt tweet on Tuesday hoping for a fast recovery from Gronk. It was certainly a classy gesture by the All-Pro. Gronkowski responded to the tweet with a note of his own, saying Thomas "showed the fans a real football hit."

Game respect game. These guys are two of the classiest in the NFL, and it showed in their pair of tweets.