Former Brazil international Rivaldo revealed on Friday that he will be leaving Sao Paulo after the club extended the contract of coach Emerson Leao for another year.

The 39-year-old, who has played for Barcelona, AC Milan, Deportivo and Olympiakos among others during his career, said on his Twitter account that he is done at Sao Paulo, but not done with the sport.

"I would like to inform everyone that as from Saturday, which will be my last training session, I will no longer be part of the Sao Paulo squad," Rivaldo said on Twitter.

"The directors told me officially that I'm not continuing in the club next year."

"It's not my farewell from football as I still have a lot of wood to put on the fire, I plan to continue my career until the end of 2012."

Rivaldo joined Sao Paulo at the start of the season after spending three years in Uzbekistan, but he has fallen out of favor since Leao took over as coach in October.