Richardson on Mosley's training will be speaking to Shane Mosley's trainer Naazim Richardson each week before the May 1 fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. (HBO Pay-Per-View). This is the second of a two-part series. Part I How's training going?

Richardson: We're dotting the I's and criossing the T's. We're closing everything out and getting ready for the 1st. Keeping Shane sharp. You know he has a high boxing IQ. Keeping all of that sharp. Making sure he gets the proper rest. Have you ever had to tell Shane to dial it back in training?

Richardson: All the time. He's a dream for a trainer to work with. Sometimes you have to tell him to even eat. How big a problem are distractions?

Richardson: You can't allow it. We got a lot of the cameras and different things. But when you have a guy who's focused, he knows what to do in the ring. You can't teach special. How has your training changed for this fight compared to the Antonio Margarito fight?

Richardson: We realize it's going to be a faster fight. There will be opportunities. They won't linger. The window will close up on them. So we have to take advantage of them. If we can pick it up and maybe get to the guy by the sixth or seventh round. We have to go get it because they may not be there. How do you see your role in the bout? Will you be more of an emotional influence or providing tactical advice?

Richardson: The bottom line is I can't ask this of my fighter and not be prepared. I'm going to have to make changes. It's going to be a difficult fight. Will this fight be a typical Mayweather tactical bout or will it be more aggressive, physical?

Richardson: He's a defensive-first fighter. You can't change that. You know you study him, everybody sees that. I can't let it be a surprise to me if he comes out aggressive. You can't say we weren't prepared. Would a win be good enough to win or do you want to make a bigger statement?

Richardson: It's a combination of a partnership. In this partnetship, I don't get the luxury to just make a statement. I have to design a plan. I try to prepare my guy to win 14 rounds. In case they implement a new rule. I want my guy to be ready. I have to think like that. At the same time, I'm training Shane to be like a viking. Vikings didn't take prisoners. Bottom line, he's going to try to knock the guy's head off.