Like several other NFL personalities, Rex Ryan is in San Francisco ahead of Super Bowl 50. Much to his dismay, the Buffalo Bills will not be participating, but he's having plenty of fun regardless.

In this jocular "interview" with comedian Ben Schwartz, Ryan answers all of the important questions that have plagued the minds of everyone. Is salt a snack? Will the Bills be in the Super Bowl next year? What percentage of Ryan's motivational speeches end in a snack?

Watch the video below to find out. And in case you didn't assume this already: Yes, Ryan believes the Bills will be in the Super Bowl next year.

So to review, caramel on a piece of salt on a piece of sugar on a carrot is not a snack to Ryan -- or anyone else, for that matter. Salt in and of itself, however, is a treat he fancies.

And don't take his Super Bowl guarantee too seriously. He's said it in the past, and he'll say it again. This one was in good fun, though playing in Houston on Feb. 5, 2017 is certainly his ultimate goal.