Report: Tiger crashed car in drug-induced stupor

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A new report paints a more detailed picture of the night of Tiger Woods' car accident, including his wife impersonating him in texts sent to his alleged mistress before he crashed his car in an Ambien-induced stupor.

In response to a National Enquirer story in late November, Woods had his wife talk to alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel the day before Thanksgiving to convince her the relationship was simply platonic, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

Among the details: The half-hour conversation with Uchitel satisfied Elin's curiosity until details from the National Enquirer story began to leak on the Internet. She again confronted her golfer husband on Thanksgiving night, who argued with her and then took an Ambien to go to sleep. That's when Elin looked through his phone and began texting his alleged mistress, posing as her husband, according to Daily Beast sources.

"I miss you," she texted. "When are we seeing each other again?"

Uchitel's response made it sound like she had talked to Tiger earlier in the night, and Elin called Uchitel to confront her, confirming her suspicions that her husband was cheating.

That's when Elin went to confront Tiger, screaming and hitting him during their argument. He locked himself in the bathroom where he sent a text to Uchitel, warning her that his wife knew about their relationship.

When he came out, Elin grabbed his phone and found the text. She picked up a golf club while her husband ran to his car, shoeless and still in a haze due to the Ambien he had taken, according to the report.

He crashed his car into a tree and fire hydrant in his neighbor's yard. One source said Tiger's story to the cops about his windows being smashed in by Elin to free him was a lie to protect his wife.

After his release from the hospital that day, sources said Tiger didn't immediately go home, which would explain why police couldn't interview him in the days after the accident.

What's next for the couple? One source said Elin is still upset but waiting until the golfer completes rehab treatment before she makes a decision about divorcing him, according to The Daily Beast.