Report: Super Bowl promise could come with new stadium in San Diego

Lost with the Rams move to LA, and the Raiders potential move to Vegas is that the Chargers are still in franchise limbo, trying to figure out where their football future will be. The team will play in San Diego this year, but if a new stadium isn't approved, they could move to LA as well starting in the fall of 2017.

Well the NFL apparently wants the team to stay in San Diego, to the point that they'll even throw the city itself a little treat to make it happen: They may guarantee San Diego a Super Bowl if they get the stadium built.

With the NFL owners hosting their quarterly meetings in Charlotte Tuesday, the LA Times' gave some details this weekend:

With the Chargers backing a ballot initiative for a proposed stadium in downtown San Diego, there is also a possibility that the NFL would take the unusual step of guaranteeing a Super Bowl in that city if a new stadium were to be built. Such a guarantee would not name a specific year for a San Diego Super Bowl but could offer a time window for one.

That last part seems to be the most intriguing: While the Super Bowl would be guaranteed, no one is exactly sure when it would be. The 2017 and 2018 dates are set (Houston and Minneapolis respectively) with the 2019, 2020 and 2021 sites set to be voted on in the one-day meeting Tuesday. Atlanta, South Florida (Miami) and Los Angeles are the leaders in the clubhouse to grab those bids.

Still it's an enticing idea for the NFL, and hopefully would be enough to convince the folks in San Diego to get the Chargers to build their team a new stadium.

After seeing the Rams bolt St. Louis this winter, it would be a shame if another team skipped town for LA.