Major League Baseball will likely announce suspensions for those players involved in its investigation of anti-aging clinic Biogenesis of America on Monday, according to CBSSports.com.

The report states that the league has installed Sunday as the deadline for those suspended to either appeal or accept their penalties. The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that MLB had informed leaders of the players union as to who was subject to a ban during a meeting at the MLBPA's Midtown Manhattan offices that day.

Most players on the list, a group that includes Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz, Detroit shortstop Jhonny Peralta, San Diego shortstop Everth Cabrera, New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli and Seattle Mariners backstop Jesus Montero, are expected to receive 50-game suspensions as first-time offenders.

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, however, is likely facing a far harsher penalty for his role in the scandal. Previous reports have indicated that MLB is considering a lifetime ban for the polarizing three-time American League MVP due to suspicions that Rodriguez deliberately obstructed its investigation of the now-closed South Florida-based clinic, as well as allegations that he actively recruited other players to Biogenesis and possible evidence that the star slugger used and purchased performance-enhancing substances as far back as 2009.

CBSSports.com also said that Rodriguez and his representatives were in negotiations with MLB to reduce the sentence, though the league is still pushing for a ban that would run through the remainder of this season as well as all of 2014.

The news comes on the same day that Rodriguez, who has yet to play for the Yankees this season while still recovering from hip surgery performed in January, was slated to begin a brief rehab assignment with the Yankees Double- A affiliate in Trenton, NJ.

Milwaukee Brewers standout Ryan Braun is already serving a 65-game suspension the 2011 NL MVP agreed to after proof of his connection to Biogenesis was uncovered, with the additional 15 games tacked on under the "best interests of baseball" clause in the current collective bargaining agreement.

Braun, who had a positive test for elevated testosterone in 2012 overturned on a procedural irregularity, had previously publicly denied any allegations of steroid use.

Three other players taken from Biogensis' records -- Oakland pitcher Bartolo Colon, Toronto outfielder Melky Cabrera and San Diego catcher Yasmani Grandal -- are believed to avoid any further discipline after each had already served 50-game bans for drug policy violations last season.