Washington Redskins punter Tress Way was not guaranteed a roster spot when he entered training camp in 2014. This offseason, he entered camp as the unquestioned starter and the Redskins didn't bring in any competition at punter. What a difference one year makes.

In 2014, Way led the league in gross punting average, with 47.5 yards, and he almost made the Pro Bowl. He put together one of the Redskins' best punting performances in franchise history.

"Any time you get that, that's an incredible feeling," Way told Redskins.com. "If coaches aren't happy with you, they're going to bring somebody in. A lot of people, while it definitely will make you feel better, you still have to prepare for them, so it was nice to get all those reps and Nick [Sundberg] and I constantly working together. You still got to perform, I took advantage of having all those reps and working on the things I wanted to work on to keep doing the things I wanted to do well."

Way added more about his routine and approach to the game. Things are a lot easier now that he knows he's almost guaranteed a roster spot.

"You go into practice and you go into games just trying to find a rhythm, because you just have a certain level of confidence; you've done it before," he said. "Whereas this time last year, I was trying to prove to myself and everybody else that I could make a team. So now, coming off a pretty good year of hitting the ball well all year long, it's nice to kind of ease into it. Where you're just kind of learning the game rhythm again and you're learning the swing, your line, you're learning this and that."

The Redskins are hoping that Way can once again be their secret weapon by switching field position with every opportunity he gets. The Redskins' defense looks much improved so far this preseason, and Way could play a big role in helping the Redskins establish an identity.

(h/t Washington Redskins)