and Dallas FC coach Schellas Hyndman hopping mad.

Following a goal by New York's Mehdi Ballouchy on Thursday night, Henry went to strike the ball again and Hartman got in the way. The Dallas goalkeeper, who came into the game leading Major League Soccer with a 0.58 goals-against average, went down with an injured medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

"Basically, from I what I see, right after they scored the goal, they both go to kick the ball at the same time," referee Hilario Grajeda said after the 2-2 tie. "They never connect knees or anything. They just nailed the ball at the same time. It happens, you know."

Henry, a longtime French star, joined the Red Bulls last month.

"The ball was there and like I do sometimes, I just wanted to kick the ball back in the net," Henry said. "He put his foot out there and that's how he got injured. That was unfortunate. I went to apologize at halftime because I didn't mean to hurt him. He put his foot out there and I just wanted to smash the ball back in the net. A pure accident. I told him I was sorry. He accepted it. It was one of those stupid things."

Hyndman said the team would likely submit a complaint to the league.

"It's the weight it puts on us now," Hyndman said. "I thought Hartman was going to be up for MVP. Now we have to go get a pool goalkeeper. It was something that was not necessary, so we'll see what happens."

Hartman's shutout streak ended at 415 minutes on Ballouchy's goal.

"I'm not real sure exactly how it happened," Hartman said. "We'd given up the goal, obviously, and it was just one of those things where he wanted to get the ball back to midfield or whatever. Henry went to hit the ball and I tried to intercede, and unfortunately got hurt.

"I'm pretty bummed about it. You obviously want to play as much as possible and to have to come out because of an injury that happens pretty much in dead time is disappointing."