Reggie Bush of Danville is out of town, but someone is taking his place: Reggie Bush.

The New Orleans Saints star is spending the week in eastern Illinois, switching places while his namesake is living the offseason life of an NFL running back for a planned CBS reality-TV show, "Same Name."

Danville residents say Bush the running back has filmed scenes at the Fair Oaks Housing Complex and the Moon Glo restaurant. No word on whether he tried the restaurant's signature Moon burger or its fried pickles.

Bush hasn't said much about the show or his stop in the city of 32,000 just west of the Indiana line, but the San Diego native did briefly mention it on Twitter.

"In Danville, Illinois shooting a new TV show for CBS," he wrote late Wednesday night. "Filming and staying with a cool family out here that shares my last name!"

Bush sightings have been hit or miss. The News-Gazette newspaper in nearby Champaign reported that several dozen people, mostly teenagers, waited one day at a local skating rink for a possible Bush stop that never happened. An Internet user posted a blurry photo of a man at a local convenience store claiming it was Bush.

Schlarman High School student Nick Catlin told The News-Gazette that the NFL star lifted weights with the school's football team. He also said the local Bush is a construction worker.

CBS says the show is expected to air Sundays this summer, opening with singer David Hasselhoff swapping places with a Lake Jackson, Texas, man who splits his time between landscaping and electrical work.