Ravens' John Harbaugh admits he needs to improve at halftime interviews

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh caught some grief for his terse halftime interview with a sideline reporter during Saturday's preseason loss to the Redskins. On Monday, he acknowledged that he doesn't do well in those situations.

After an awkward back and forth Saturday night, Harbaugh ended the interview asking, "Give me a good question and I'll answer it."

"Those halftime interviews are tough, and I don't think I'm very good at it," Harbaugh said via the team's official website. "I haven't been very good at it. I haven't been very good with the national group, haven't been very good with the local group. I think that's pretty well documented."

Harbaugh praised the local reporter before adding that he just didn't have an answer for his halftime inquiry because "it was a yes or no kind of a question," and didn't have time to think about it on the spot. Harbaugh prefers post-game media sessions because he has time to digest everything that happened in the game before meeting with reporters.

"When you do it after the game, you have 10 minutes or so to kind of organize your thoughts for the media, but I'm not really thinking about the media in that moment," Harbaugh said. "You're thinking about your team and what you're going to say to your guys in your halftime adjustments. I've got to get better at that, and hopefully I can improve at that."

h/t: Baltimore Ravens