Raiders quarterbacks want to end drives with points, not picks

Derek Carr tossed an interception on the final play of the first quarter.

So did his backup, Christian Ponder, when the second quarter ended.

That won't cut it in Oakland's quarterback room -- even when the stats don't truly count. Silver and Black passers are held to a higher standard now.

"It's not what you want to happen," Ponder told ESPN's Bill Williamson.

Carr's pick was especially soul-crushing. He forced the ball to the end zone and killed what could've been a scoring drive.

Perhaps Carr was locking in on Amari Cooper too much. Perhaps he really wanted to end his first quarter of football in 2015 with points. Either way, the pick was avoidable.

Ponder was leading a similar scoring drive to end the half. But at the Rams' 45-yard line, the veteran passer heaved up a fourth-down throw that the defender got to first.

Ponder might've made a different decision, had it been the regular season. He tried to connect with Brice Butler instead.

"If it's going to happen," Ponder explained after the game, "you want it to happen in the preseason."

(h/t ESPN)