Raiders prove they can't win a game on defense alone

The Raiders need their offense to show up every Sunday -- or else. Thearon W. Henderson Getty Images

Oakland forgot to bring its defense to a defensive battle against the Minnesota Vikings.

Instead, that group couldn't pick up the necessary slack for a slumping offense and sunk the Raiders again on Sunday.

"They're (The offense's) not going to click every week," veteran safety Charles Woodson told ESPN's Bill Williamson. "But you need the other areas to click ... I think we're good enough to do that."

The next time they prove that claim will be the first in 2015. Oakland's offense has done most of the heavy lifting this season. They've scored over 33 points in three of four wins.

It fell on the defense to rebound from a last-second meltdown against Antonio Brown. Instead, they let Adrian Peterson bruise them for 203 rushing yards -- and surrendered at least 29 points for a third game.

"Obviously, he (Peterson) made us pay," linebacker Malcolm Smith said. "We just have to be sharper, more detailed and just finish better. Obviously, that's been kind of our downfall."

(h/t ESPN)