Good news, NFL: Your efforts to grow the game overseas are working. Just look at how English soccer hooligans have embraced being Raiders fans.

One such fan got so rowdy on a flight to England, it would make The Black Hole proud. The 52-year-old man, sporting a black Raiders T-shirt, reportedly appeared drunk and began berating other passengers. But the real show began when the plane hit the tarmac.

The man stripped naked, reportedly urinated against the terminal and challenged the pilot to a fight.

His female companion managed to slap a little sense into him -- literally! -- and he put his clothes back on, but when police confronted him in the terminal, he became unruly again and had to be Tasered and arrested.

Not sure why he was so agitated -- didn't he hear the Raiders just released Matt Flynn ? -- but a pretty impressive display, even by Raiders fan standards. Raider Nation salutes you.

H/T : The Big Lead