Race fans completely trashed Indianapolis Motor Speedway

It's commonplace for the infield of a race track to look less-than-tidy after a big weekened, but the 350,000 fans that attended the 2016 Indy 500 left a gigantic mess.

An army of volunteers work each year after the race to clean the grandstands and infield, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway provides stipends to non-profit groups who help pick up the trash.

Via the Indy Star:

"The day after the race, the track was mostly quiet, with the garbage of the 350,000 estimated attendees left behind. Volunteers hadn't yet made it to the Snake Pit by noon on Monday, as trash covered nearly every inch of grass on the field. In the stands, groups of volunteers from churches and schools methodically collected cans, bottles, wrappers and discarded food to place in large garbage bags. The IMS gives a stipend to the volunteer groups to put toward a cause.

Tom Finicle, a volunteer with a group from Southwood High School in Wabash, Ind., used a snow blower to move the trash out of the stands into the stairwells so the teenagers could more easily place it into bags."

(Thanks to Jalopnik for sharing this video.)