The NFL Pro Bowl could soon be history.

ESPN, on Thursday morning, said the league is moving toward suspending the annual All-Star contest. However, the NFL responded by saying talks with the union are ongoing.

"We have been in discussions w/the NFLPA about Pro Bowl's future," said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello on Twitter. "No decision has been made on this season's game."

The quality of the contest has suffered in recent years. Numerous players opt out of the game, which sometimes resembles glorified flag football with little tackling.

In an effort to generate more interest, the NFL moved the game to a week before the Super Bowl instead of a week after. It also tried to play it at the same venue as the Super Bowl one year before moving it back to Hawaii.

If the contest was cancelled, or even put on hold, ESPN reported that the league would still have its teams honor the Pro Bowl incentives already built into certain contracts.