Derek Jeter hung up his cleats at the age of 40 following his 20th season in 2014. It was clear there wasn't much gas left in the tank as he hit a career-low four home runs and posted a batting average of .256.

He was named to his 14th All-Star game as he went out on top, but even President Barack Obama knew it was the end of the shortstop's illustrious career. Jeter interviewed the president recently for The Players' Tribune where Obama took a playful jab at Jeter for being old.

"Thank you, can you repeat that?" Jeter asked after Obama called him "relatively young." "Because when you're in sports, they say you're old at 30. So thank you, I appreciate that."

Obama responded with a quip, poking fun at Jeter's age.

"I mean, for a baseball player, you were old, man," Obama joked. "Let's face it. I mean, come on man, we saw you trying to run those bases."

Jeter couldn't help but laugh at the president's joke, which was indeed pretty funny. But Jeter's legs weren't completely gone in 2014 -- he did still 10 bases.

The full interview, which figures to be great, will be available on Wednesday.