Surely it was time for Clinton Portis to lodge a complaint. After all, the Washington Redskins running back logged only one carry in the second half of last week's game, and he's got a history of lashing out when he thinks he's getting a raw deal.

Not this time.

"After those games, nothing changed," Portis said Thursday. "And I'm sure nothing's going to change after this game, so there's no need."

Nevertheless, Portis said he doesn't have an answer for his light workload in the Redskins' loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. Ryan Torain, who was promoted from the practice squad only a day earlier, ended up with the same number of carries as Portis (seven) in the 30-16 defeat.

"I come to work, I clock in like you do," Portis said. "I'm motivated to do my job. It's up to them. If that put me on an assignment, I do that assignment. If they don't, there's nothing I can do. ... I consider myself the feature back, one of the best backs, and I'm going to always feel that way."

The play that's been analyzed to the hilt is the 27-yard scamper when Portis went down in open field on purpose to prevent a would-be tackler from possibly stripping the ball. Coach Mike Shanahan said Portis' sore right wrist was a factor on that play. Portis says his wrist is fine, but he would hit the turf again if he had the play to do over.

"I could have picked up four more yards," Portis said. "Four more yards, I don't think, is going to determine the outcome of the game."

Shanahan said he didn't want to discuss the play anymore. The coach did say he was pleased with Portis' effort and that Portis will start this week's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Portis has only 140 yards rushing on 38 carries three games into the season. He said he hasn't discussed his role with Shanahan.

"Ain't nothing to talk to him about. He made the decision. The decision was made," Portis said. "It's over and done with. When we jog out on the field against the Philadelphia Eagles, I'll be in the backfield."