Details have emerged about an alleged incident that went down between former Denver Broncos and New England Patriots running back Montee Ball and his girlfriend on Feb. 5.

According to report filed by the Madison (Wisc.) Police Department and obtained by Deadspin, officers arrived at the Hampton Inn and Suites and discovered a victim being treated by medical personnel. She had a bump on the back of her head and a cut on her right leg. She claimed to feel dizzy when she stood and required a stretcher to leave the hotel.

She told police that she suffered her injuries when Ball threw her across the room.

From the report:

I asked [victim] if she could tell me what happened that evening and [victim] stated that she had been staying in the Hampton Inn and that there had been an altercation between her and her boyfriend, Montee Ball. [Victim] stated that she had received a call from Ball earlier in the evening, stating that he would be spending the evening with a friend and several other females that evening. [Victim] stated that she informed Ball that this was not going to be acceptable and that he should come to the hotel as opposed to staying with his friends and the other unknown females. [Victim] stated that after originally refusing to return to the hotel, he had eventually returned later in the evening.

[Victim] initially clarified, stating that Ball had been out in the State St area, and that upon learning that he was out at the Wendy's, had attempted to go to that location in order to pick him up. [Victim] stated that Ball had refused to go at the time and that she had returned to the hotel. [Victim] stated that Ball, who had returned to the hotel, had been intoxicated and had returned with various foods. [Victim] stated that when Ball had entered, he was intoxicated and he was upset. [Victim] stated to me that she knew something like this was going to happen and that she was fearful for what may happen. While she was retreating further back into the bedroom toward the bed furthest from the door, [victim] stated that she told Ball, "You're scaring me." [Victim] further advised that she was previously in an abusive relationship and she was able to see signs of what could happen. [Victim] had stated that she was concerned this evening because of the level of intoxication of Ball.

[Victim] stated that she had previously been in an abusive relationship and that she had disclosed this information to Ball. [Victim] stated that when Ball was in the room, he had made a statement to her to the effect of, "I understand why your old boyfriend put his hands on you. I'm having a hard time not putting my hands on you now." [Victim] stated that she was on the bed, near the far wall of the room, [room number], and that Ball had grabbed her and threw her across the room. [Victim] stated that she had struck her leg on what she believes was the table, and that she had been bleeding out of her leg as a result. [Victim] stated that it all happened very quickly and that once she was able to gain her composure, she was lying on the ground and she felt pain to the back of her head and to her leg.

But there's more.

When the victim was taken to the hospital an officer noticed she had a bruise on her lip. When she was asked how she sustained that injury, which she didn't report happened during the alleged assault, the victim said that Ball backhanded her in the face on Feb. 1. The alleged backhand apparently came when she commented about him spending too much money.

Ball was found by police outside the Hampton Inn and Suites. He was arrested and eventually charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. A criminal complaint says Ball was also charged with misdemeanor battery for the alleged backhand incident from Feb. 1.

Ball was released from jail on Feb. 8 and is due back in court on March 1. He was released from the New England Patriots' practice squad on Feb. 9.

(H/T to Deadspin)