Prosecutors are considering whether to bring charges against a Detroit Lions player who was accused of sexual misconduct by a 22-year-old woman during a private party at a suburban Detroit restaurant, authorities said Wednesday.

Wayne County prosecutor's spokeswoman Maria Miller said her office is reviewing a warrant request issued by the Plymouth police "regarding an allegation of a sexual assault."

Plymouth police Chief Al Cox told The Associated Press his department had been looking into an allegation of "inappropriate contact" and turned over its findings this week.

The woman claims the incident occurred during the early morning hours of Jan. 4 at the Ironwood Grill, where Cox said a group of about 10 Lions players and support staff had joined a private party.

Police in the city 20 miles west of Detroit interviewed 11 people as part of their probe, including the NFL player, whom Cox said was "totally cooperative" and "made himself very available."

The chief declined to reveal the player's identity. A message seeking comment was left by the AP on Wednesday for a team spokesman.

Michael Jaafar, the woman's attorney, said his client will file a civil lawsuit against the player, but won't do so until after the prosecutor's office makes a charging decision.

"It's our intent to file suit regardless of what happens with the charges. The charges being pressed or not pressed will obviously affect the exhibits we attach to our lawsuit," Jaafar said.

Cox and Jaafar said the players and support staff arrived at the restaurant on the night of Jan. 3 to find it closed for a private party. They requested to be allowed in and were granted that, and later, Jaafar said, the woman alleges "she was sexually assaulted by a Lions player per the definition of the Michigan statute of sexual assault."