Podolski on Low's crotch scratch-and-sniff: 80 percent of us do it

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Germany head coach Joachim Low has a long history of bizarre sideline maneuvers, and we're not talking about coaching tactics. Whether it's seemingly eating a freshly picked booger or doing a little scratch-and-sniff session, a lot of people are asking understandable questions, like: What the hell is he doing? And, Why?

Well, cameras caught Low going on another spelunking expedition during Germany's opening Euro 2016 victory against Ukraine. Low clearly slipped his hands down the front his drawers, did a little gold-digging, and then -- and please stop reading if you have a sensitive stomach -- sat down and proceeded to give his fingers a sniff.

Pretty disgusting, right? Germany's Lukas Podolski has a different take, though. At a press conference on Tuesday, Podolski shrugged off the action as "nothing special." He even took it a step further, saying, "80 percent of you and I scratch your nuts sometimes, too, so it's all good!"

That … might be true, but the percentage of folks that go to those lengths in the follow-up after an adjustment has to be lower. And the average Joe (or Jogi) doesn't have a camera on him when he's doing some reorganizing.

Whatever your stance on the scratch-and-sniff policy, I think we can all agree that Low might want to figure out a way to be a bit more subtle. Or maybe switch up his undergarment situation. Or … just figure out something.